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We have a consistent experience on supporting #breweries, from big producers, like Anheuser-Busch, to smaller like, Crown Valley,  Schlafly or Dog Fish Head, as... Braumat -Automation for breweries

BRAUMAT powered Brewery

We have a consistent experience on supporting #breweries, from big producers, like Anheuser-Busch, to smaller like, Crown Valley,  Schlafly or Dog Fish Head, as an example. As Siemens Wuerzburg engineering team says, “as a modern process control system, #BRAUMAT offers support across the entire production process as well as numerous special features: everything from innovative recipe creations and a recipe system that allows you to follow the progress of your production processes on a monitor, to flexible production planning, cost-effective tank management and much more. Its intuitive operating concept ensures safe plant control.

Independent Computers or Virtual Machines platforms

The transparent production processes provided by the Route Control System (RCS) enables significant time and energy savings while the curve archive helps you keep everything in view at all times. Analog and digital values are captured and archived according to batch or time for improved quality management.

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Data are stored in an SQL database for long-term archiving and for plant and production data evaluation.


Intuitive & Structured Program

Seamless, fast and consistent: Integration of #SIMATIC IT MES enables universal evaluation of all production-relevant data. When combined with the laboratory management system SIMATIC IT Unilab, it allows you to respond much faster to actual production processes already in the laboratory.

BRAUMAT provides a solid foundation for significantly more performance and transparency in daily operation and – thanks to innovative technology, diverse expansion options and global availability – for a successful future.

Braumat Phase Control

Your benefits at a glance

  • Consistently high product quality thanks to standardized production processes and automated process images
  • Process optimization through detailed plant and process parameter evaluation and adaptation
  • Improved plant availability through service and maintenance support for all plant elements
  • Simplified production processes through a modern recipe system in accordance with the international #ISA88 standard
  • Cost-reduction with automated production process and information flow
  • New convenient monitoring options through high-level plant transparency
  • Simulation

If you do not require redundant servers or the #RouteControl System, we also offer another cost-effective alternative: BRAUMAT Lean, a process control system version specifically designed for craft brewers and experimental breweries. It can be connected to a control system and also features all of the BRAUMAT functions needed for this particular market segment.”

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